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"Wizard game" - is a young and dynamic company.

Company "Wizard game" is the property JSC Express 2000 successfully has been working for 15 years in the entertainment industry. "Wizard game" was established as a network operator for the exploitation of entertainment equipment (dance machines, Bliss, silomery, shooting simulators, racing), and for indoor attractions.

Our company has three main types of activities:
1. The Organization of family entertainment centers in leased spaces.
2. Delivery of the equipment leased.
3. Sales of equipment. We organize the work of experienced consultants who tell visitors the rules of the game on the equipment.

Highly qualified technicians monitor the equipment and look after its appearance.

"Wizard game" monitors the equipment park and produces periodical rotation of equipment.

"Wizard game" gets newer models entertainment equipment on time.

"Wizard game" - the active family holiday:

  • modern attractions;
  • children's playgrounds;
  • video games and prizes;
  • 3D, 4D and XD cinema;
  • children's rocking;
  • silomery.

"Wizard game" - the high technological process and the organization of the high - quality of services provided.

Air gun (airball).
In our entertainment parks, you can plunge into the world of variety video attractions. Everyone will find his "action attraction" for fun. Dancing machine will enhance the mood, will help to shed unnecessary energy, to rebuild the capacity of vivacity activity. Battle simulators and driving will help to realize themselves as a party rally driver heavy truck pilot in the cockpit of combat aircraft or on policeman dangerous job. Virtually all machines can be played together (for a Some - four!), compete with each other. Where else can you show your worth as a label and a successful Arrow conducting special operations, pilot or Formula-1 legendary rally Paris - Dakar; feel themselves Indiana Jones adventures to find treasures? In real life, this is for chosen people, in real-life imitators - everyone can feel themselves to be chosen.

"Wizard game" is an opportunity to combine shopping with the active conduct leisure and the ability to deliver the child and parents to emotions.

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