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"Wizard Game" is the property of ZAO Express 2000, successfully has been operating for 15 years in the entertainment industry. "Wizard Game" was established as a network operator for the exploitation of entertainment equipment (dance machines, Bliss, silomery, shooting simulators, racing), and for indoor attractions.

The seeming simplicity of automatic selection deceptive. There is a need for serious market research, especially at the initial stage. In addition - technical support.

With more than ten years of operating experience, we offer the machines, just enjoying steady demand and ensure a high yield for the operator. And certainly - delivery and installation on the ground.

Of course, today the development of the entertainment sector, the entertainment industry without monetary gains form the culture of family holidays in particular, and civilized forms of leisure society as a whole.

The advantages of creating entertainment zones are:

  • efficient use of space;
  • maximum profit from the equipment;
  • raise your attendance areas;
  • in shopping complexes to take the game allows children and adolescents, while their parents are able to spend their time quietly in the shopping;
  • entertainment equipment installed in the theater or bowling centre enables pleased shorter waiting time of treatment in the theater or bowling game in the centre of the track;
  • increasing profitability per square meter.

We organise entertainment zones on the basis of lease space and equipment leases.

We are ready to help your business more rapidly integrated into the new interesting and promising field of activity.

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